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Default Western Carolina University First-Year Seminar

Can you provide me the details of the CRN Subject Course Section First-Year Seminars: Spring 2017 of Western Carolina University?
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Default Re: Western Carolina University First-Year Seminar

The details of the CRN Subject Course Section First-Year Seminars: Spring 2017 of Western Carolina University are as follows:

ACCT 195 Intro to Fraud Examination

11245 ACCT-195 01

One will be guided through the maze of occupational fraud and abuse, learning the nature of the many fraudulent schemes, and how can be prevented and detected.
One will learn the basic terminology related to business and industry, as well as foundational concepts of investigation, ethics and theories of criminology.

BIOL 192 – Plants and Society

11009 BIOL 192 01

11010 BIOL 192 30

One would learn more about how plants grow, flower, and fruit so that can grow own plants successfully.
One could identify the plants around and know their nutritive, medicinal and other values.
One also learns where the plants that are used to produce coffee, tea, beer, wine, aspirin, codeine, marijuana, and chocolate grow naturally, are how are harvested and processed into the foods, drinks, and drugs that have changed human history forever.

BIOL 190 – Mountain Biodiversity

1108 BIOL 90 01

Required overnight field trip on the last Friday in April

It takes a broad approach to understanding the region's animal and plant diversity through in-class discussions and projects, and field trips to the surrounding mountain habitats.

One will explore both terrestrial and aquatic habitats, the processes that may account for this tremendous biodiversity, and environmental issues of the southern Appalachians.

Near the end of this course University will spend a night at the Highlands Biological Station, an inter-institutional biological field station, located in Highlands, NC.

If one enjoys learning about animals and plants and like to explore outside, then this is the first-year seminar.

LAW 195-Contemporary Legal Issues: Law for Life
11326 LAW 195 01
The law is everywhere –on TV and in movies, in politics and current events, and in the fine print on everything from credit card receipts to websites. Every day the law impacts our individual lives and guides our conduct and decision making in our roles at school, in business, and in the community. In Law 195, emphasis is placed on exploring the legal issues of today, from understanding the right to privacy in a social media world to understanding how private legal organizations and alternative dispute resolution methods are supplanting more traditional legal systems to meet the needs of the global economy. Hands on activities will provide insights as to the development of legal systems and institutions, the application of law to real-world situations and debate and discussion of contemporary legal issues.

COMM 190 - A User's Guide to the Mass Media
10215 COMM 190 01
10216 COMM 190 02
An increasing number of media streams vie for your attention every day. But the messages may not always be as simple as they seem. Learn to read between the lines and recognize the nuance and subtext of all media. Take a look behind the curtain to see how diverse motives, agendas and practices affect the media you consume. And see how that same media responds and reacts to pressures and trends from you. Media and culture are bound together in an elaborate dance. This course will help you understand that dance.

ENGR 190 - Technology Systems: How Things Work
12269 ENGR 190 01
12350 ENGR 190 02
ENGR 190 is an introductory engineering course for non-engineering majors. This course provides an in-depth view of the engineering and technology that we rely on every day in every aspect of our modern life. Whether it is the digital SLR camera that akes breathtaking pictures of the Great Smoky Mountains in autumn, the Hubble Telescope offering views of the deepest portions of the universe, using Twitter, Skype, or smart phones to connecting you instantaneously to your family and friends anywhere in the world, the hand-held Global Positioning System (GPS) that help you find your way when lost on a deep mountain trail, or the pacemaker that save people's lives, these innovative engineering advancements have become an integral part of our culture. Together, we will investigate where these technologies came from, how they work, and where they might take us in the future. The course will also incorporate four hands-on projects ranging from making images from Hubble Telescope data of the deep universe to building and testing a medieval Trebuchet. Advanced mathematics will not be required for this course. The challenging modern topics will be presented conceptually and only basic math (some trigonometry and simple algebra) will be needed to complete the project. The focus will be on conceptual understanding, proportional reasoning, estimating, and graphical interpretation. Verbal and written communication of scientific ideas will be emphasized throughout the course.

ENGR 199 – Introduction to Engineering Practice and Principles
12270 ENGR 199 01
12272 ENGR 199 30 - LAB
12271 ENGR 199 02
12273 ENGR 199 31 - LAB
Introduction to the engineering disciplines, curriculum, personal and professional development, teamwork, project planning, communication skills, and conceptual design engineering. This is a required class for all students considering majors in engineering or engineering technology

ENGL 191 – Creative Writing
10604 ENGL 191 01
This will be a class about narrative—about shaping compelling, layered, and evocative literary stories. We will read and write both fiction and nonfiction narratives, paying particular attention to the development of character, setting, and plot. By the end of the semester, each student will have written and revised two narratives of his/her own.

ENT 195 – Social Entrepreneurship: Solutions to Social Problems
11239 ENT 195 01
11240 ENT 195 02
"To introduce students to the concept of social entrepreneurship as a mechanism for individuals to develop innovative solutions to society's most pressing problems."

GEOL- Geology, Landscapes, and Human Psyche
11762 GEOL 191-01
This course examines how culture, society and landscapes intersect. Instead of only looking at how humans impact the environment, this course also seeks to examine how the environment impacts people, their well-being and survival. The aim of this course is to develop your sense of place from a geologic perspective, and to give you the understanding to connect human culture with the surrounding landscape. Meet geology faculty and learn about why all humans are affected by how the earth works!

HSCC – Does Inequality Make You Sick
11343 HSCC 191-01
Individual and population health involves more than health care access and quality care. Health professionals often treat individuals only after they become ill or injured. This "after-the-fact" approach has been referred to as "down-stream" medicine. During the past ten years, increasingly more health inequality research and evidence has been demonstrating that social conditions – social inequalities – may be as or more important to health as access to quality medical care. These conditions are referred to as "upstream" determinants. What then are the "upstream" social determinants of disease and health? By exploring this question, a student will be able to integrate evidence-based reasoning, with an awareness of social and psychological dimensions of health inequalities, in order to be able to develop strategies for moving from ethics to civic engagement and problem solving. This course is designed to identify genetic, environmental, social, and economic influences as determinants of health, introducing an approach to problem solving using scientific, ethical, and social data.

MKT 195 – Facebook Generation: Marketing
81542 MKT 195 01 - HON
81553 MKT 195 02
81569 MKT 195 03
Do you really want to be a Facebook "friend" with Wal-Mart? Would you actually read updates from Coca-Cola in your Twitter feed? Few would argue that social networks have generated a tidal wave of change in the way people communicate and get information. As a result, companies are often left bewildered, anxious and just plain frustrated as they deal with new approaches toward marketing, advertising and consumer behavior. Oddly enough, insight into handling these changes is starting to emerge from an unexpected place -- ancient history -- and a possible link between the age-old process of "friending" in tribal societies and its budding equivalent in latest and greatest cutting edge communication networks. This course will explore this exciting idea of linkages between human communications in past and present, bringing together ideas and activities from several camps of thought, including media theory, anthropology, communication studies and marketing. Through this multi-colored lens, this seminar intends to shed light on why we typically avoid spam on our Facebook Wall, but at the same time are willing to embrace online relationships with some brands and companies.

MATH 192 – Fractals: Geometry of Nature
11979 MATH 192 01
Investigate basic mathematical principles behind fractals with connections to literature, art, science, and the general world.

ND 190 - Personal Nutrition
11091 ND 190 01
11093 ND 190 02
How do I avoid the freshman 15? What are the healthiest foods to eat on campus? Should I still be taking vitamins? Explore the answers to these questions and more, design your own personal eating plan (chocolate cream pie included) and discover how the foods you eat influence your appearance, energy level, health, and longevity.

PSC 190 -- International Relations Through Film
11621 PSC 190 01
This first year seminar will explore themes of contemporary international relations as depicted in film. Each week we will watch and discuss a film, and students will reflect on the film and discussion in a short paper. Topics to be covered include: the cold war, nuclear war and nuclear proliferation, civil conflict, genocide, human rights, terrorism, environmental politics, and international development.

Many seminars can be offered for Honor’s credit with an individual contract. Please talk to your advisor and instructor if you want to pursue this option.
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