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Which of the courses are offered under Master of Science in Public Policy at Georgia Institute of Technology – School of Public policy???


Georgia Institute of Technology is a public research university and is a part of the University System of Georgia. It was founded in the year 1885 as the Georgia School of Technology.


Academic Areas of School of Public policy:

Science and Technology Policy

Economic Development

Environmental & Energy Policy

Information and Communications Policy

Philosophy and Ethics

Social and Urban Policy

Public Management and Administration

Human Resources in Science/Technology

Policy Analysis

Law and Legal Studies

Conflict Research


Courses of School of Public policy:

Bachelor of Science in Public Policy

Master of Science in Public Policy


Curriculum of Master of Science in Public Policy


Core Courses for the Master of Science in Public Policy

PUBP 6001  Introduction to Public Policy

PUBP 6010 Ethics, Epistemology, and Public Policy

PUBP 6012 Fundamentals of Policy Processes

PUBP 6112 Research Design in Policy Science

PUBP 6114 Applied Policy Methods and Data Analysis

PUBP 6116 Microeconomics in Policy Analysis

PUBP 6118 Public Finance and Policy

PUBP 6201 Public Policy Analysis


Students must also take one of the following three classes:

PUBP 6014  Organization Theory

PUBP 6017  Public Management

PUBP 6018  Policy Implementation and Administration


Areas of Concentration


Environmental Policy

PUBP 8540  Advanced Topics in Environmental Policy.

PUBP 6300  Earth Systems

PUBP 6310  Environmental Issues Seminar

PUBP 6312  Economics of Environmental Policy

PUBP 6314  Policy Tools for Managing the Environment

PUBP 6326  Environmental Values and Policy Goals

PUBP 6320  Sustainable Systems

PUBP 6330  Environmental Law

PUBP 6701  Energy Technology and Policy

PUBP 6760  Negotiation & Conflict Management

PUBP 8803  Special Topics


Science and Technology Policy

PUBP 6111  Internet & Public Policy

PUBP 6401  Science, Technology & Public Policy

PUBP 6402  Research Policy & Mgt

PUBP 6403 Scientific Careers and Workplaces

PUBP 6414  Tech Innovation & Gov Policy

PUBP 6415  Technology Regions & Policy

PUBP 6417  Critical Perspectives on Science & Technology

PUBP 6501  Information Policy & Mgt

PUBP 6514  Mass Communications Policy

PUBP 6740  Innovation and the State

PUBP 6741  Geography of Innovation

PUBP 6753  Comparative Science & Technology Policy

PUBP 8530  Advanced Science & Technology Policy


Urban and Regional Economic Development Policy

PUBP 6741  Geographies of Innovation: Development, Regions, and Labor Markets (Clark)

PUBP 6415  Regions, Technology, and Policy (S. Breznitz)

PUBP 8803  Special Topics (Knox-Hayes)

PUBP 8550 -Advanced Topics in Urban and Regional Economic Development (PhD Capstone Seminar) (Shapira/Clark)

CP 6432  Industrial Restructuring and Its Planning Implications (Leigh)

CP 6442  Equity, Social Justice, and Economic Development

CP 6612/PUBP 8803-HE – Community Development

CP 6233  Sustainable Urban Development (Ross)

INTA 6740/PUBP 6740 – Innovation and the State (D. Breznitz)

INTA 6304  Modernization and Development (Lynch)

INTA 8803-BL1/CP 8883-BL  Special Topics: Urban Transformations in the Global South (Lynch)


Information and Communications Policy

PUBP 6501  Information Policy and Management

PUBP 6513  The Politics of Communication Policy

PUBP 6514  Mass Communications Policy

PUBP 6534  Public Information Systems

PUBP 6502 Information and Communications Technology Policy



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