GMAT Guide

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Following are contents of GMAT Preparation Guide:
Ch. 2: Reading Comprehension
How to actively read texts for tone and bias
How to read quickly and efficiently How to analyze essay structure
The 10 major question types
Additional practice questions

Ch. 5: Mathematics
Comprehensive math review of all subjects on the GMAT
Basic math
Additional practice questions

Ch: 7: Data Sufficiency
Data sufficiency strategies
Main data sufficiency trick question types
4-step technique to data sufficiency questions
Additional practice questions

Ch. 3: Critical Reasoning
How to analyze arguments
Types of arguments
How to spot logical fallacies and statistical fallacies
7 critical Reasoning question types
Additional practice questions

Ch. 6: Math Word Problems
How to read math questions
a. Percentages
b. Interest, discount, and markups
c. Progressions
d. Uniform motion
e. Ratio and proportion
f. Grouping and counting
g. Data interpretation
h. Symbols
4-step technique to word problems
Math review
Standard deviation
Additional practice questions

Ch. 4. Sentence Correction
150 idioms frequently used on the GMAT
8 types of sentence correction errors
Typical sentence correction question
How to identify trick sentence correction questions.
3-step technique to sentence correction questions
Additional practice questions

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