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Question According to GMAT Hacks website which is 10 secrets of GMAT?

Answer You want to know10 secrets of GMAT so According to GMAT Hacks website here it is:

1. Time Management is everything

Everything. It doesn’t matter whether you can answer a question correctly; it matters whether you can do so in the time allotted. Finishing each section (i.e., giving yourself enough time to get through all 37 math questions or 41 verbal questions) is crucial to your score.

2. The Last Questions Are As Important As the First

The most persistent myth about the GMAT (and other computer-adaptive tests) is that the first few questions make or break your score. It’s not true. Odds are, if you get most of the first five questions wrong, you’re not going to get a high score, but that has a lot more to do with your skill level than the algorithm that determines your score.

Rest of information is available in attached file which you can free download.

Top Secrets of GMAT

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