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Question : Please give me the GMAT question paper…


Here is the question paper of the GMAT examination:

The capacities of “One-way 1.5m wide sidewalk (persons per hour)” and “Oneway
2-lane urban road (PCU per hour, with no frontage access, no standing
vehicles and very little cross traffic)” are respectively
(A) 1200 and 2400
(C) 1200 and 1500
(B) 1800 and 2000
(D) 2000 and 1200

The shape of the STOP sign according to IRC: 67-2001 is
(A) circular
(C) octagonal
(B) triangular
(D) rectangular

The type of surveying in which the curvature of the earth is taken into account is
(A) Geodetic surveying
(C) Preliminary surveying

to Q.75 carry two marks each
(B) Plane surveying
(D) Topographical surveying

Remaining questions are in the attachment click on it…

GMAT question paper

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