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Question : Tell me GMAT registration procedure for Sensory Disabilities (Vision and Hearing) candidates. Also provide me center accommodation form.

Answer : Here is GMAT registration procedure for Sensory Disabilities (Vision and Hearing) candidates:

The evaluation must be conducted by a qualified evaluator. The evaluator should be an impartial professional who is not a family member of the test taker. All reports must be typed on official letterhead, dated,
and signed with the name, title, and professional credentials of the evaluator.

The medical assessment must be current. The evaluator should indicate the level of impairment at which the individual is currently functioning, with or without the benefit of assistive devices, and whether the individual is substantially limited in one or more major life activities.

The medical assessment report must include a clear statement of the diagnosis. Generic terms such as “hearing loss” or “visual impairment” without a specific diagnosis that illuminates the exact nature and extent of the condition are not adequate. The report should explain how the applicable functional limitations affect the individual’s ability to take the GMAT exam under standard conditions.

Rest of information is given in attached pdf file. this file is free for you so download it freely.

GMAT Sensory Disabilities Candidate Procedures

GMAT Accommodation Form

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