GMAT Verbal Practice

Tell me from where can I get GMAT Verbal Section syllabus.

You want GMAT Verbal Section syllabus so following is its syllabus:

Sentence Correction
Sentence correction questions account for about a third or 13 to 14 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test.

These questions test an aspirant’s proficiency in standard structured English.

Though the rules that govern structured English writing are aplenty, being aware of the most commonly test 20 or 25 common errors will help you get most of the questions in this section right. .

Critical Reasoning

The critical reasoning questions are intended to assess ability to construct and evaluate logically valid arguments.

Reading Comprehension
About a third of the 41 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test are Reading Comprehension questions.

Topics could vary from arts and humanities to science and technology to economics.

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