GMAT Verbal Questions

Can you provide me some detail of the verbal question paper?

You are looking for the GMAT Verbal Question paper, here I am uploading a file, from where you can download the GMAT Verbal Question paper, some of the questions are as follows:

John and Tim went to the bank and he made a deposit.
A. he
B. they
C. it
D. their

Although the average Girl Scout joins the organization at age 14, they have already been Brownies for several years.
A. they have already been Brownies
B. they were Brownies
C. she has already been a Brownie
D. she had already been a Brownie
E. she was in the Brownies

The number of workers have increased steadily each year.
A. have increased steadily
B. steadily have increased
C. have been increasing steadily
D. has increased steadily
E. has steadily been going through an increase

GMAT Verbal question paper

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