GMAT Where to Start

Question: Give me easy steps to start GMAT exam.

Ans: Here I am providing some easy steps to start studies of GMAT exam:

Decide your strategy for preparing for the test. Do you want to take a course or prepare on your own?

Determine the average score of admitted applicants to the schools you wish to apply for.

Decide by what date you need or want to take the GMAT.
Decide how much time you will need to either attend your course or to study, or both.

Map out a plan for the coming weeks or months – depending on whether you are planning to self-study or take a course.

Do research on various options available to you.
Wait to register until you are confident that you have progressed well in your preparation.

start studying months ahead. Set a time every day if possible to prepare for GMAT.

Take practice tests throughout your preparation to test how much your skill have improved.

Allow time to get scores back and finish making applications before the last date of applying for your targeted Business Schools.

Take a practice test or diagnostic test to get a sense of your current score range.

Most schools in the United States will frequently ask for higher than a 600 on the GMAT. Some of the most prestigious schools require a score of 700 or higher.

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