GMAT Word List

Question : Can you help me by giving GMAT Word List???


As per your requirement here I am attaching a pdf file having the GMAT Word List. Thie is the content of the attached file:

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Alchemist, alchemy, allegory
Arid, aromatic, arrogant
Benign, berate, bereft, beseech
Catharsis, caustic, cavil, censor
Compatible, complacent, complaisance
Covetous, cower, coy
Desecrate, desist, desolate
Dissonance, dissonant, distant
Enamored, encomium, encroach
Exotic, expedient, expedite
Fluency, flux, foist
Guise, gullible, hackneyed

Here is the complete file of the GMAT Word List. Click on it…

GMAT Word List

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