Provide me Undergraduate EET/CSE Thesis Projects title at Satellite Navigation and Positioning Lab.


Following are the Undergraduate EET/CSE thesis projects title of Satellite Navigation and Positioning Lab.

Redesigning the G-NAF National Address Database
Open Source GPS Receiver
Radio Environment Effects on WiFi Positioning
Image Processing
Positioning Using WiFi and Zigbee
Combining WiFi and Mobile Phone Measurements for Outdoor Location
Low-level Analysis of ISM-based Signals for Locata Interoperability
Developing a 3D Virtual Information Desk (3D-VID) for the UNSW
GPS/WiFi/RFID Integration
Using Symbian for GPS-Related Projects
GPS for Bistatic Radar
Indoor GPS Clock
Using WiFi to Provide Aided AGPS
Hacking Google Earth
Comparison of Integrated GPS/Inertial Platforms
Implementation of an Automated Navigation of Electric Car
Object Idnetification for an Autonomous Electric Car
Simulink GPS Receiver
Galileo Correlator Design
Study of Strobe Correlators for Dealing with GPS Multipath
Study of Interference in GPS
FFT-based Correlation for New GPS Signals
Open-loop GPS Receiver Design
USB GPS Receiver Data Logger
New GPS Signal Tracking
RF Front End Circuit for the New GPS L2C Signal
Using GPS for Bistatic Radar
Tracking and Guidance of Emergency Services Using GPS

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