How to Fill UP SSC Form

How to Fill UP SSC Form

The Process to fill up Staff Selection Commission form is as follows:
Please read these messages, & also the detailed instructions seeming in the Notice of Examination in the Employment News, with kid gloves before you go on to fill up the Application Form.
Please insure that the Application Form filled up by you is same in format to the one appearing in the Notice of Examination in the Employment News, except when the Application Form is provided by the Commission.
Please insure that the paper on which your Application Form is published/photo-copied is white in color & of legal size (8.5″ X 14″) & at least 70 gsm in superior, to ensure that it withstands the difficulties of Data Processing & subsequent handling by the Commission, except when the Application Form is supplied by the Commission.
Please read the terms of eligibility happening in the Notice of Examination in the Employment News to insure that you fulfill the qualification criteria to seem in this examination, namely age, educational qualification, physical standards etc as on the crucial date.
The Application Form may be filled up either in English or in Hindi, as you select, while taking care that the messages are either all in English or all in Hindi. The numerals should be in Roman numeral form.
Please fill up the Application Form with a ballpoint or ink pen in good handwriting to facilitate error-free data processing by the Commission. Any alterations must be carried out by neatly scoring the in-appropriate entry & writing the appropriate entry on the side/nearby while manifesting such alterations. Please do not over-write/apply fluid/paste any paper over any in-appropriate entry.
Please do not write more than one alphabet/numeral in one box.
Please put your signatures at the places noted, in identical fashion so as to avoid any suspicion of impersonation.
Ordinarily any change of center of examination is not allowable. Hence choose your center of examination carefully.
One envelope should contain one Application Form only.
Please note that the covers are initially sorted on the basis of the Centers super scribed on them & further processing is done by the Data Processors unto a certain stage. Hence if you do not mention the Centre clearly on your cover, the Commission may not be in a position to allot the Centre of your choice to you even while you might have observed the correct Center code on the Application Form.
The Commission will not be responsible for any postal delay or deficiencies. Please ensure that your Application Form reaches the Commission clearly before the last date. You may prefer to submit your Application Form in person or by Speed post, or by some reputed Courier, or by Registered Post or by UPC or by Ordinary Post. It is clarified that unless your Application Form reaches the Commission by the last date, you endure to lose your candidature. Therefore in your own interest please choose a way of transmission which in your judgment is the most powerful & reliable.

For more information about How to Fill UP SSC Form please visit at the official website of Staff Selection Commission because more details about How to Fill UP SSC Form is available at the official website of Staff Selection Commission.

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  1. Can you tell me wht to fill in 13 no Either A,B or B,C.I am confused in this.
    And in 17 no, for graduates should I write 1 or should I write 07 for pass in educational qualification code and should I write 07 for commerce in subject code?

    Please tell me as soon as you can.
    And can you tell me some books for Tier1 exam and Tier2 exam too.
    I’ll be thankful.

  2. how to fill up the post code in ssc form. In SSC form, there are only four boxes in which i have to fill up this post code (NR-(B)- 17) .

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