IIT Delhi Chemical Engineering

The Chemical Engineering Department is one of the prime engineering departments of IIT Delhi. It is a dynamic and goal oriented group of highly qualified and experienced faculty well backed up by experienced technical staff and a big and modern research and development substructure. The Department offers instructions at undergraduate level leading to 4 year B.Tech degree and 5-year Dual degree and at postgraduate level ahead to M.Tech. /M.S. (Research) and Ph.D. degrees. The instruction at the undergraduate level objectives at furnishing the students a broad-based teaching with emphasis on theory and practice of Chemical Engineering holding in views the current and future demands of the nation.

Course offered
Undergraduate Programs
Dual Degree Programme in Process Engineering and Design
Dual Degree Programme in Computer Application in Chemical Engineering
Postgraduate Programs
M.Tech. in Process Engineering and Design

Bhaskarwar A.N.
Basu S.
Gupta A.K.
Gupta S.K.
Nigam K.D.P.
Pitchumani B
Rao D.P.
Rao T.R.
Khanna Rajesh
Pant K.K.
Mohan Ratan
Roy S.
Rathore, Anurag S.
Saroha A. K.
Amar O.P.
Buwa Vivek Vitthal
Krishnan V. V.
Munawar A. Shaik
Pattanayek Sudip Kumar
Sarkar Jayati
Shukla Anupam
Upadhyayula Sreedevi (Ms.)
Jain J.K.

Test Facility to Evaluate Fabric used for Dust Collection.
Laser Particle Size Analyzer.
Micron Photosizer.
Attritor Mill for Producing Ultrafine (<5Mm) Particles. Jenike Shear Tester for Measuring Flow Properties of Powders. Silos for Retrofitting Studies. Surface Area Measurement for Non-Porous Particles. Uniflow Cyclones. Facility to Measure Angle of Repose. Circulating Fluidized Beds. Sponsored Research Projects
Improve Performance of Cyclone Preheater System.
Energy Saving in Soda Ash Plant.
Improve Performance of Pulverizer for Product Size Control.
Effective Utilization of Grinding Media in Pulverizing Material.
Energy Saving in Grinding Circuit in Cement Plant.
Characterization of Fabric Bag Filter for Dust Collection.
Design Analysis of Primary and Secondary Treatment Systems for Distillery Plants.
Environmental Impact assessment of Kant Enclave Film Studio and Allied Complex.
EIA and EMP Study Report for Chloromethane and Halon Project.
Environmental Impact Assessment and Treatability Studies.
Application of Reverse Osmosis for Chemical Recovery and Treatment of Textile Process House Effluent.
Comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment Report for Liquid Fuel Based Power Plant.
Model Development for the Removal of Mobile Oil from Solid Substrates.
Development of Mixer for Emulsions.
Biomass Densification.

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