IIT MBA Program

Question : Give me IIT MBA core course list?

Answer : Following is IIT MBA core course list:

BUS 510 Building an Innovative and Sustainable Business
BUS 550 Business Analytics for Competitive Advantage
BUS 590 Business Innovation in the Next Economy (Integrated Capstone Course)
MBA 501 Accounting for Strategic Decision Making
502 Emerging Issues in the Global Business Environment
MBA 504 Spreadsheet Modeling
MBA 505 Contemporary Economic Analysis & Game Theory
MBA 506 Leading & Managing Knowledge-Intensive Organizations
MBA 509 Financial Management in a Globalized World
MBA 511 Creating, Communicating and Delivering Customer Value
MBA 513 Operations and Technology Management
MBA 518 Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
MBA 522 The General Manager
MBA 523 Negotiations and Strategic Decision Making
MBA 524 Leadership in Multicultural Organizations
MBA 526 Sustainable Supply Chain Managemen
MBA 528 Healthcare Management, Technology, Innovation
MBA 529 Social Entrepreneurship
MBA 554 Project Management
MBA 564 Competing in Emerging Markets
MBA 566 Understanding China: History, Politics and Economics
MBA 567 Chinese Language & Culture
MBA 570 Business Study Mission to China
MBA 569 Competitiveness of Asian and Western Enterprises
MBA 575 Creativity and Contemporary Entrepreneurial Opportunities
MBA 576 Creating and Financing New Technology Ventures
MBA 577 Got Creativity? : Strategies & Tools for the Next Economy
MBA 581 Marketing Research & Engineering
MBA 586 Strategic Marketing Management
MBA 587 Nonprofits and the Public Sector
MBA 588 The Nonprofit Sector
MBA 589 Regulatory Politics & Business
MBA 595 Special Topics in Business Administration
MBA 597 Independent Study in Business Administration

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