Institute of Business Administration Punjab University

Please give me BBA program details of the Institute of Business administration Punjab University…


As per your requirement here I giving you BBA syllabus of it as below

1st Semester

BBA 101 Islamic and Pakistan Studies
BBA 102 English (Functional)
BBA 103 Introduction to Business
BBA 104 Introduction to Computer Science
BBA 105 Mathematics (Elementary)

2nd Semester

BBA 106 Financial Accounting (Basic)
BBA 107 Principles of Management
BBA 108 Business Communication
BBA 109 Sociology
BBA 110 Data Base Management System

3rd Semester

BBA 201 Cost Accounting
BBA 202 Financial Management (Basic)
BBA 203 Principles of Marketing
BBA 204 Visual Programming Concept
BBA 205 Introduction to Micro Economics
BBA 206 Introduction of Psychology

4th Semester

BBA 207 Financial Accounting (Advanced)
BBA 208 Mercantile Law
BBA 209 Introduction to Macro Economics
BBA 210 Statistics (Elementary)
BBA 211 Money & Banking

5th Semester
BBA 301 Credit Management
BBA 302 Business Research Methods
BBA 303 Company Law
BBA 304 Web Engineering
BBA 305 Human Resource Management

6th Semester

BBA 306 Auditing
BBA 307 Taxation Management (Basic)
BBA 308 Management Information System
BBA 309 Development Economics
BBA 310 Current Business Affairs
BBA 311 Corporate Governance

7th Semester

BBA 401 Small Business Management
BBA 402 Pakistan Economy
BBA 403 Mathematics (Advanced)

8th Semester

BBA 404 Statistics (Advanced)
BBA 405 E-Commerce
BBA 406 Financial Institutions and Services

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