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Can you give me the list of courses required for the School of Education – Indiana University Educational Studies Minor program??????




The Educational Studies Minor program of the School of Education – Indiana University gives knowledge about the public education and/or student development and learning. It offers you the flexibility to pursue the interesting and complex issues surrounding public education.


Required courses for admission:

Foundations of Education (Select at least 3 credits)

H205: Introduction to Educational Thought (3 credits)

H340: Education & American Culture (3 credits)


Educational Psychology (Select at least 3 credits)

P248: Elementary School Child: Physical, Emotional & Social Development (3 credits)

P251: Educational Psychology for Elementary Teachers and

M101: Field Experience (4 credits)

P254: Educational Psychology for Teachers of All Grades and

M201: Field Experience (5 credits)

P312: Learning: Theory into Practice and

P313: Adolescents in a Learning Community (6 credits)

P314: Life Span Development (3 credits)


Elective Courses (Select 9 credits)


General Education

F200: Examining Self as a Teacher (3 credits)

G203: Communication in the Classroom & Youth Service Agencies (3 credits)


Art Education

M135: Self-Instruction in Art (1 – 3 credits)

M200: Artifacts, Museums & Everyday Life (3 credits)


Computer Education

W200: Using Computers in Education (3 credits)

W210: Survey of Computer-Based Education (3 credits)



G204: Asian-American Mental Health (3 credits – Spring semester only)

G206: Introduction to Counseling Psychology (3 credits)

G207: Introduction to Counseling Psychology and Student-Athlete Mental Health (3 credits)

G208: Prevention of Adolescent Risk Behaviors: A Counseling Perspective (3 credits)


Foundations of Education

F401: Topical Exploration in Education (1 – 3 credits)


Multicultural Education

E300: Elementary Education for a Pluralisti (3 credits)


School Law

A308: Legal and Ethical Issues in Education (3 credits)


Special Education

K205: Introduction to Exceptional Children (3 credits)


Individualized Research (By arrangement with individual faculty)

E490: Research in Elementary Education (1 – 3 credits)

K490: Research in Special Education (1 – 3 credits)

L490: Research in Language Education (1 – 3 credits)

P490: Research in Educational Psychology (1 – 3 credits)

S490: Research in Secondary Education (1 – 3 credits)

W450: Internship in Instructional Computing (1 – 6 credits)


General Admission Requirements

The candidate should:

Complete a minimum of 26 credit hours of study with a cumulative 2.5 GPA

Complete the admission requirements for your particular degree program

Secondary and All School Settings programs:Maintain a 2.5 GPA in your content area (Secondary Mathematics Education requires a minimum 2.0 GPA)

Must has qualifying scores in reading, writing, and mathematics on the CASA, ACT, or SAT


For further information please contact to the address given below:



Teacher Education Office

W.W. Wright Education Building

201 North Rose Avenue

Bloomington, Indiana 47405-1006

Phone: (812) 856-8500

Email: edhelp@indiana.edu

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