K G R L College Bhimavaram MBA

Question Let me know about strength of MBA department of KGRL College Bhimavaram.

Answer Following is strength of MBA department of KGRL college Bhimavaram:

Arranging guest lecture with professors and industrialists from time to time from different parts of the country.
Well furnished library with more than 6000 volumes of books and 35 national and international journals and magazines are our assets to the students, department library consisting of 110 volumes of books.
Good computer lab and also English lab with internet access to all the students.
Conducting slip tests and mid examinations to get ready the students for university main examinations.
Providing guidance to the students for the project work and also assigning mini project works for getting practical knowledge on subjects taught.
Case study methodology
Campus interviews
Business Quiz
Industrial short visits and long tour are compulsory to all the MBA students to acquire knowledge in different aspects.
Collage program
Dress code is a must for the MBA students (i.e., trousers, shirt, blazer and tie).
Volta face
Blood donation is a regular activity of our students. Moreover collecting contributions from the students and from the outsiders to help the orphanages to shows their responsibility towards society.
Teacher-ward mentoring program.
Group discussions
CC cameras are arranged to monitor the activities of the students.
Special syndicate rooms for mentoring the students.
We encourage students to participate in the games and sports conducted in our college.
Role play activity
Organizing extracurricular and personality development activities such as;
Business games
Motivating and making students to participate in management events conducted by other neighboring colleges to inculcate competitive spirit and win – win strategy of the student community.
Well-experienced faculty members.
Special attention is paid to improve communication skills in English to the students coming from rural background.
Dumb charades
A well furnished seminar hall equipped with LCD and good sound system.
Meet the press program etc.

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