Kurukshetra University Mba Syllabus

Question: Give me Kurukshetra University MBA course syllabus as soon as possible?

Ans: As you are looking for MBA syllabus so here by we are giving you Kurukshetra University MBA course syllabus as so:

Semester 1:
CP-101Management Processand Organisational Behaviour
70301003 Hrs.
CP-102Business Statistics70301003 Hrs.
CP-103Managerial Economics70301003 Hrs.
CP-104Business Environment70301003 Hrs.
CP-105Business communication70301003 Hrs.
CP-106Accounting for Managers70301003 Hrs.
CP-107Computer Applications in Management70301003 Hrs.
CP-108Seminar70301003 Hrs

For complete syllabus you can free download file which I am uploading.

Kurukshetra University MBA Syllabus

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  1. I need syllabus of M.B.A enterance 2013 & also I want to Know the date of form sale on counter and last date of submission.

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