Lucknow University MBA

Give me MBA syllabus of Lucknow University?


Following is MBA Syllabus of Lucknow University:

Semester – I
CP-101 Management Process and Organisational Behaviour
CP-102 Quantitative Methods
CP-103 Managerial Economics
CP-104 Environment and Management
CP-105 Managerial Skill Development
CP-106 Indian Ethos and Values
CP-107 Accounting for Managers
CP-108 Computer Applications in Management

Semester – II
CP-201 Information Management in Business
CP-202 Management Science
CP-203 Human Resource Management
CP-204 Financial Management
CP-205 Marketing Management
CP-206 Production and Operations Management
CP-207 Research Methodology
CP-208 International Environment and Management

Semester – III
CP-301 Business Policy and Strategic Analysis
CP-302 Organizational Effectiveness and Change
CP-303 Summer Training Project

Semester –IV
CP-401 Corporate Evolution and Strategic Management
CP-402 Business Legislation
CP-403 Project Study (Equivalent to Two papers or 200 marks)

Department of Business Administration
University of Lucknow
Lucknow 226007
Phone: (522) 2740246, 2360650, 2504384

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