Mar Thoma College Tiruvalla B.Sc in Mathematics

Give me detail of Mar Thoma College Tiruvalla B.Sc in Mathematics program?


The BSC degree is provide in these departments by Mar Thoma College Tiruvalla:

B.Sc. DEGREE (THREE YEARS / Six Semesters)

Mathematics (Main / Core) Physics and Statistics (Comple.)
Botany (Main / Core), Chemistry and Zoology (Comple.)
Zoology (Main / Core), Botany and Chemistry (Comple.)
Botany Vocational ( Specialization: Food Microbiology) (Six Semesters)
Physics (Main / Core), Mathematics and Chemistry (Comple.)
Chemistry (Main / Core), Physics and Mathematics (Comple.)

The course curriculum is available at here:

Sem I Course I Foundation of Mathematics

Sem II Course II Analytic Geometry, Trigonometry and matrices

Sem III Course III Calculus

Sem IV Course IV Vector Calculus Theory of Equations & Numerical Methods

Final year degree programme:

Paper III Logic and Boolean Algebra,Differential equations and
Linear Programming

Paper IV Abstract Algebra & Graph Theory

Paper V Theory of Equations, Topology & Formal Language &

Paper VI Real Analysis

Paper VII Complex Analysis

Paper VIII Elective: Computer Programming.

Contact Details.
Mar Thoma College Tiruvalla
Chennai – India
Phone: 0469 – 2630342
Fax: 0469 – 2605843

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