MBA Banking and Finance

MBA Banking and Finance Introduction Indian Institute of Banking & Finance is founded in the year of 1928 as a Company under Section 25 of the Indian Companies Act, 1913. It’s formerly famous as The Indian Institute of Bankers, is a professional body of banks, financial institutions and their employees in the country. The institute offers world best MBA Banking and Finance programme in India. The MBA Banking & Finance curriculum specifically planned for Bankers. This course is provided by nationwide network of Study Centres of IGNOU. Grew collaboratively through School of Management Studies, IGNOU and the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai, the curriculum uses standard IGNOU multi-media design and technology aided delivery systems. Eligibility In order to seek admission to MBA Banking & Finance curriculum, a examinee should be a graduate of a accredited University. Examinee have passed the CAIIB examens of the Indian Institute of Banking & Finance, Mumbai and awarded the requisite qualification/credentials thereof through the Institute. Examinee has been functioning in the Banking

or Financial Service Sector for a time period of at least 2 years. Contact Details Indian Institute of Banking & Finance ‘The Arcade’, World Trade Centre, 2nd Floor, East Wing, Cuffe Parade, Mumbai – 400 005, India.

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