NUS Architecture Ranking

Give me courses list and ranking of National University of Singapore?

National University of Singapore offer following courses:

BBA & Master in Public Policy
LLB & Master in Public Policy
BComp & Master of Entertainment Technology
BBA & Master of Science (Management)
BComp & Master of Science (Management)
BEng & Master of Science (Management)
Computing (Communications and Media) & Master of Entertainment Technology (Carnegie Mellon University)
Computing (Computational Biology) & Scientiae Magister in Computer Science-Computational Biology track (Brown University)
Computing (Information Systems Courses) and Master of Philosophy in Management (Cambridge University)
Computing (Information Systems Courses) and Master of Science (Management) (NUS)
DDP in Engineering & Economics
DDP in Economics & Law
DDP in Law & Life Sciences
DDP in Business Administration and Communications & New Media
DDP in Computing and Business Administration
DDP in Materials Science and Engineering & Physics
DDP in Business Administration & Engineering
DDP in Computing and Mathematics/Applied Mathematics
DDP in Economics and BBA
DDP in Business Administration & Law
DDP with six premier French Grandes Ecoles

For ranking of university I am giving you link of our website where it is given.

NUS Architecture Ranking

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