Indian Institute of Management Bangalore IIMB

Question : Which courses offer by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore.

Answer : There are following courses offer by Indian Institute of Management Bangalore:

Student Exchange Programmes

Executive Program:
Open Programmes
Customised Programmes
International Programmes


Address IIMB
Indian Institute of Management Bangalore
Bannerghatta Road,
Bangalore, India
Pin Code: 560 076
Phone Number: +91-80-26582450 / 26993996
Fax Number: +91-80-26584050 / 26584004 / 26584181 / 26581602

GMAT 30 Days


Tell me from where can I online buy 30 Day GMAT Success 2nd Edition.


You want to buy 30 Day GMAT Success 2nd Edition so it is available on website from where you can online buy it.

Book: 30 Day GMAT Success 2nd Edition

Author: Brandon Wu

Editor: Laura Pepper

Price: $28.92

Available at:

GMAT 3000 RC

The 3000 RC document is no longer available for download at Beat the GMAT. This document was produced by the Score Top website, which has been known to draw questions from illegal sources. GMAT 3000 RC is required for admission to most of the US, Canadian, UK & European B–Schools. It is a 4 hour Aptitude test developed to analyze how one will perform academically in MBA. GMAT provides HELP option where one can find all the necessary instructions to complete that particular section. However, it is advisable to review tutorials/ sections before the exam to save precious time. The first option is the same as the underlined section. This section tests the basic grammatical rules and convention of English along with use of correct expressions.

GMAT 350

Question: Tell me that is 350 GMAT score good enough for taking admission in any good university.

Ans: For solving your problem I am providing you GMAT average scoring scale.

Scaled Score Percentile Scaled Score Percentile
760-800 99 520 40
750 98 510 37
740 97 500 34
730 96 490 32
590 61 340-350 6

Rest of sheet is given in attached PDF file. This file is free for you.

GMAT Average Scoring Scale

GMAT 370

Question : I want to know about the GMAT scores…


Here I am attaching a document file from where you can collect detailed information about the GMAT scores, this attachment will prove very useful to you, if you need more help related to this topic then please let me know and I will provide you the complete assistance on that topic. Downlaod the attachment form here and use it purposefully…

GMAT Account

Question: What is procedure for registration in GMAT exam by disabilities candidates.

Answer: Following is procedure for registration in GMAT exam by disabilities candidates:

Download the Supplement.

Complete the GMAT Test Accommodations Request Form

Complete the Authorization to Disclose Health Information

Obtain supporting documentation describing your disability and need for an accommodation from a qualified evaluator.

Send your completed GMAT Test Accommodations Request form, all supporting documentation, along with the test fee, to Pearson VUE at one of the following addresses:

Standard Mail
Pearson VUE
Attention: GMAT Disability Services
PO Box 581907
Bloomington, MN 55458-1907

GMAT Analytical Writing

The GMAT Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) consists of two, 30 minute components. One asks you to analyze an argument, and the other asks you to analyze an issue. Points are provided FOR (to agree with) and AGAINST (to disagree with) the opinion stated in the topic. These points are based on reasons and / or examples from our experiences, observations and reading. The points may be profitably used to author an essay on the Issue Topic. The Analytical Writing Assessment (AWA) of the GMAT tests your ability to think critically and how well you can express your ideas. Additionally, your writing skills are also evaluated.

There is no break between them. About two weeks after you take the GMAT, you will receive a grade from 1 to 6. The AWA is scored separately from quantitative and verbal section, but it is rather important to score as high as possible since the top MBA programs consider it highly essential for graduate business education. The computerized grading system pressures GMAT essay graders to follow the E-rater’s strict standards. Human graders are aware that there is a computer double-checking their work and they are more likely to follow the E-rater’s strict grading parameters.


The GMAT And GRE comes in several different forms: the subject tests (such as psychology or computer science) and the GRE General Exam. The GMAT (Graduate Management Admission Test) is a required part of the admissions process for most business schools. Business schools will often state their requirements on the admissions page of their website. In addition, some graduate finance and economics programs use the GMAT. The Educational Testing Service administers the G.R.E. and used to do the same for the GMAT before losing the rights two years ago to ACT Inc. and Pearson.

The schools that have agreed to accept both exams are toeing the line and saying that either score should be fine. “Good people always manage to shine whether they take the GMAT or GRE,” says Rod Garcia, director of MBA admissions at the MIT Sloan School of Management, which was among the first B-schools to accept both tests. For non-native speakers, the GRE requires a far broader knowledge of vocabulary, writing skills and general subjects than the GMAT. Without good English and writing skills it is impossible to get a good score in the GRE. So, for non-fluent English speakers, our advice in this case is to stick with the GMAT.

GMAT 380

Will you please provide me the some GMAT books?


The list of the GMAT exam Books:

The Official Guide for GMAT Quantitative Review (2nd Ed)
The Official Guide for GMAT Verbal Review (2nd Ed)
The Full Potential GMAT Audio Program by Bara Sapir
Kaplan New GMAT Premier 2013 by Kaplan
Nova’s GMAT Prep Course (with Online Course) by Jeff Kolby
Cracking the GMAT, 2013 Edition by Princeton Review