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The GMAT Graduate Management Admission Test is required for admission in MBA programs to most U.S. and Canadian.. Graduate Management Admission Test conducts for admission in MBA Program for academic year 2011. you can downloaded GMAT 2011 torrent online free about the related information from the official website.

GMAT syllabus All Sections

The candidates who have wanted apply Graduate Management Admission test on 2011.


Elementary Algebra and
Basic Geometry

Topics in Arithmetic:- Number Systems, Percentages, Profit & Loss, Simple & Compound Interest, Speed, Time and Distance, Pipes, Cisterns and Work Time, Simple & Weighted Averages, Ratio, Proportion & Variation, Mixtures and Alligation and Clocks and Calendars.

Topics in Algebra / Modern Math:- Permutation & Combination, Probability, Arithmetic & Geometric Progression, Quadratic Equations, Set Theory, Inequalities and Basic statistics.

Topics in Geometry:- Basic concepts in Geometry, Co-ordinate Geometry, Mensuration and Trigonometry.

GMAT Verbal Section:-

1. Sentence Correction:- Sentence correction questions account for about a third or 13 to 14 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test. These questions test an aspirant’s proficiency in standard structured English. Though the rules that govern structured English writing are aplenty, being aware of the most commonly test 20 or 25 common errors will help you get most of the questions in this section right. Sample Sentence Correction Question.

2. Critical Reasoning:- In these type of questions, a small passage is given that is followed by a question. The critical reasoning questions are intended to assess your ability to construct and evaluate logically valid arguments. Sample Critical Reasoning Question.

3. Reading Comprehension:- About a third of the 41 questions in the verbal section of the GMAT test are Reading Comprehension questions. Usually, there will be three to four passages each with about 3 to 4 questions. Topics could vary from arts and humanities to science and technology to economics. Sample Reading Comprehension Question.

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Question: Give me detailed information about the GMAT…


Graduate Management Admission Test is a computer based test, 1,500 universities, colleges and institutions in 83 countries use the GMAT examination as part of the selection criteria for their courses like MBA. I have attached a document file form where you can collect details information about this test. You can download the file of details form here after doing registration. This is absolutely free for you…

Gmat notification

Provide me GMAT Notification for see test pattern.


Following is GMAT test pattern:

The GMAT exam consists of four main sections:
Analytical Writing Assessment,
Integrated Reasoning,

Duration:- Three and a half hours

For complete test pattern and Score criteria you can free download attached pdf file.
GMAT Test Pattern

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Can you help me by giving GMAT Word List??? Can I download the word list??


As per your requirement here I am attaching a pdf file having the GMAT Word List. Thie is the content of the attached file:

Catharsis, caustic, cavil, censor
Compatible, complacent, complaisance
Covetous, cower, coy
Desecrate, desist, desolate
Dissonance, dissonant, distant
Enamored, encomium, encroach
Exotic, expedient, expedite
Fluency, flux, foist
Guise, gullible, hackneyed

Here is the complete file of the GMAT Word List. Click on it… you can download the word list form here this is absolutely free for you…

GMAT Paper

Question Sir I am taking part in the GMAT exam and for the preparation I need the papers of the exam so please can you give me the papers and provide me the page where I can download the papers?

Answer Following are some questions of the GMAT Math paper:

The current ratio of boys to girls at a certain school is 2to 5. If 12 additional boys were added to the school, the new ratio of boys to girls would be 4 to 9. How many boys currently attend the school?
(A) 27 (B) 48(C) 54(D) 72(E) 108

If 7 workers can build 7 cars in 7 days, then how many days would it take 5 workers to build 5 cars?
(A) 1 (B) 5(C) 7(D) 25(E) 351

Bea can paint a house three times faster than Alice can paint a house. If, working together, it takes Alice and Bea 24 hours to paint a house, then how many hours will it take Bea to paint a house alone?

(A) 28 (B) 30(C) 32(D) 36(E) 403

For the detailed question paper, here is attachment:

GMAT Math question paper
Gmat sample papers 1

Gmat sample papers 2


Question : Give me GMAT exam syllabus.

Answer : You want syllabus of Graduate Management Aptitude Test so here it is:

Quantitative Section:
Problem solving
Data sufficiency
Elementary algebra
Commonly known concepts of geometry

Verbal Section:
Reading comprehension
Critical reasoning
Sentence correction

Integrated Reasoning Section:
Table Analysis,
Graphics Interpretation,
Multi-source Reasoning and Two Part Analysis

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