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Can you give me name of photography courses offered by the Sir J J Institute of Applied Arts???


Answer :


Sir J J Institute of Applied Art was established in 1935 and it is affiliated to the University of Mumbai.. it Is offered admission in the following courses .


Course offered :

Degree Course of Bachelor of Fine Arts

(Applied Art)

Duration :: 4 Years


Post Graduate Course in Master of Fine Arts

(Applied Art) 2 Years in the subjects :-

i) Illustration,

ii) Typography

duration :: 2 Years


Apprentice Training Course

i) Photography,

ii) Interior Decoration

duration ::         1 Year


name of faculty members :


Prof. G. G. Waghmare, M.F.A. (Applied Art) – I/C Dean



Shri S. S.Chavan, G.D. Art (Com.)

Shri S. B. Kshirsagar, M.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri V. D. Samant, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri S. Y. Nandoskar, B.F.A. ( Applied Art)

Shri S. G. Jog, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri L. A. Navare, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri G. S. Shepal, B.F.A. ( Applied Art) B.A., B.J

Shri G. V. Pangrekar, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri A.Z. Gharde, M.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri S. B. Nikam, G.D. in Printing Technology

Shri K. L. Pulkundwar, B.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri A. S. Vilekar, M.F.A. (Applied Art)

Shri S. H. Kurwade, B.F.A. (Applied Art)


Contact details :

Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art

The Dean

Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Dr. D.N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.


 The Registrar

Sir J. J. Institute of Applied Art, Dr. D. N. Road, Fort, Mumbai 400 001.

Phones: +91 (022) 2262 1276, 2262 1277.


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