Pumba Pune MBA 2010

Question: Give me the curriculum of the Pumba Pune MBA…


Here is the curriculum of the executive MBA of the Pune University:

Semester I
Principles of Management & Organizational Behaviour
Financial & Management Accounting
Managerial Economics
Statistical Methods & Research Methodology
Legal Aspects of Business

Semester II
Marketing Management
International Business Management
Human Resource Management
Operations Management
Management Information Systems

Semester III
Business Policy & Strategic Management
Advanced Financial Management
Functional Elective – I
Functional Elective – II
Functional Elective – III
Individual Research Project

Semester IV

Management Control Systems
Business Environment & Managing for Excellence
Functional Elective – IV
Functional Elective – V
Functional Elective – VI

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  1. I am a student from NEPAL. How could i admit myself in this college?Is there any quotas for Nepalese student?

  2. i would like to join mba biotech .im belongs to s.c. cast.how much score must be require (atma score ) for admison .

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