Reasons to Do MBA

What are the basic reasons for doing MBA. Give me some reasons for the above mentioned topic.


You are looking for the reason for selecting MBA. I am giving you top 10 reasons for doing MBA.

1. The chance to stop and reflect on some big business issues.

2. The chance to make some lifelong friends who will accomplish great things over their careers in business.

3. The chance to realize how little you understand about the world.

4. The chance to learn about how to get a bunch of high-strung, Type-A personalities to work together as a team.

5. The chance to think about the global economy and not just your little world where you used to work.

6. The chance to interact with Professors who will really challenge you.

7. The chance to go listen to as many accomplished executives when they come to talk at your school.

8. The chance to refocus yourself.

9. The chance to learn about managing people.

10. The chance to learn how to get up and string a few sentences together.

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