SAIL India Products

SAIL India Products

The full name of SAIL is Steel Authority of India Limited. SAIL is the extending steel-building company in India. This company’s products use in construction, engineering, power, railway, automotive and defense industries and for sale in export markets.

SAIL India’s Products
Semis (Blooms, Billets & Slabs)
Long Products (Structural, Crane Rails, Bars, Rods & Rebar’s, Wire Rods)
Flat Products (HR Coils, Sheets & Skelp, Plates, CR Coils & Sheets, GC Sheets\ GP Sheets and Coils, Tinplates, Electrical Steel)
Tubular Products (Pipes)
Railway Products (Rails, Wheels, Axles, Wheel Sets)

SAIL India Coal Chemical Products
Benzene (NG)
Toluene (NG & IG)
Light Solvent Naptha
Solvent Oil
Heavy Solvent Naptha
Benzol (IG)
Still Bottom Oil
Hard, Medium, Granulated and Liquid Pitch
Extra Hard Pitch
Hot Pressed Naphthalene/ Naphthalene Flakes
Heavy Creosote Oil
Anthracene Oil
Light Creosote Oil
Meta Para Creosole
Light Oil
Sodium Phenolate
Drained Naphthalene Oil
Dephenolised Oil
Heavy Benzol
NG: Nitration Grade
IG: Industrial Grade

Steel Authority Of India Limited
Corporate Office
Ispat Bhawan, Lodi Road, New Delhi – 110 003

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