Question: Give me the course list of the Skyline Collegeā€¦


Here is the courses list of the Skyline College:


MBA in Marketing
MBA in Human Resource
MBA in Finance
MBA in International Business
PGDM in Marketing Management
PGDM in Human Resources Management
PGDM in International Business
PGDM in Financial management
PGDM in Information Systems
PGDM in Operations Management

PGP in Marketing
PGP in Finance
PGP in Human Resource
PGP in Tourism
PGP in Banking and Finance
PGP in Financial Planning & Wealth Management
PGP in Real Estate Management
PGP in Supply Chain
PGP in Advertising and Communication
PGP in Event Management
PGP in Internet and Digital Marketing

The contact address is as follows:

private college,
Ministry of Higher Education license
Sharjah University City
PO Box 1797, Sharjah, UAE

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