SRIRAM Business School Noida

Question: Give me MBA course structure of SRIRAM Business School Noida?

Ans: As you want to know about MBA course so here are the following ; SRIRAM Business School MBA course structure:

MBA 011 Principles & Practices of Management
MBA 012 Managerial Economics
MBA 013 Accounting & Financial Analysis
MBA 014 Organisational Behaviour
MBA 015 Business Statistics
MBA 016 Marketing Management
MBA 017 Computer Applications in Management
MBA 018 Communication for Management

MBA 021 Business Environment
MBA 022 Business Laws
MBA 023 Research Methodology
MBA 024 Operations Research
MBA 025 Production & Operations Management
MBA 026 Cost & Management Accounting
MBA 027 Financial Management
MBA 028 Managing Human Resources
MBA 029 Comprehensive Viva

MBA 031 Supply chain Management
MBA 032 Strategic Management
MBA 033 Management Information System
MBA 034 Consumer Behaviour & Marketing Communication
Specialization Group-1 Elective 1
Specialization Group-1 Elective 2
Specialization Group-2 Elective 1
Specialization Group-2 Elective 2
MBA 035 Summer Training Project Report

MBA 041 Entrepreneurship Development
MBA 042 Corporate Governance, Values & Ethics
Specialization Group-1 Elective 3
Specialization Group-1 Elective 4
Specialization Group-2 Elective 3 or 4
Open Specialization Elective (Any one)
MBA 043 Research Project Report
MBA 044 Comprehensive Viva

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