SRM MBA Entrance Exam question paper

Would you please provide me the SRM MBA entrance exam question paper?


You are looking for the SRM MBA entrance exam question paper, here I am uploading a file, from where you can download the SRM MBA entrance exam question paper, some of the questions are as follows:

1. The weighted average growth rate of all the industries in 1995-96 is nearly
a) 4.09 b) 12.26 c) 21.5 d) 11.45

2. The ratio of the simple average growth rate to the weighted average growth rate in
1996-97 is nearly
a) 1:1 b) 9:5 c) 5:3 d) 3:5

3. What is the index of industrial production in 1996-97 for manufacturing?
a) 108.7 b) 124.7 c) 135.5 d) 122.3

4. Considering the relevant weights, the weighted growth rate of electricity in 1997-98 expressed as a percentage of the overall weighted industrial growth rate is nearly
a) 19 b) 26 c) 57 d) 33

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