Standard Chartered Bank Asset Management


I want to know the Asset Management Services offered by the Standard Chartered Bank so will you please tell me?


From time deposits to yield enhancing products and commodity derivatives, Standard Chartered offers a wide range of products to enhance your yield, increase your returns and hedge your risk.

Asset Management Services

Time Deposits-

Standard Chartered’s RMB and foreign currency time deposits offer flexible tenures from overnight to 2 years, offering you competitive interest rates that yield added rewards.

Structured Deposits-

Enhance your yield with their RMB and foreign currency structured deposit products that offer combination of a normal time deposit and a currency or interest rate option.

They use the premium from the sale of the option to subsidise the yield of the deposit, increase your overall return.

Commodity Derivatives

Their Commodity Derivatives team offers a customised Over-The Counter (OTC) suite of commodity price risk management tools to hedge your energy, precious metals, base metals, and softs/agriculture exposure.


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