Stansfield School Of Business Admission

Give me Bachelor of Management course structure of Stansfield School Of Business.


Here is Bachelor of Management course structure of Stansfield School Of Business:

EC1002 Introduction to Economics
ST104A Statistics 1 (half unit)
MT105A Mathematics 1 (half unit)
SC1021 Principles of Sociology
AC1025 Principles of Accounting


MN3028 Managerial Economics (02 + 05a)
MN3141 Principles of Marketing (21 or 02)
AC3097 Management Accounting (25)
MN1107 Introduction to Business and Management

MN3119 Strategy (02 + 05a)
MN3075 Human Resource Management
MN3127 Organisation Theory (02 or 21 or 79)

One from

MN3032 Management Science Methods (04a+05a)
MN2079 Elements of Social and Applied Psychology

Stansfield School of Business Admission 2011
22 Pattulos Road
(opposite Spencer Plaza, Mount Road)
Chennai – 600 002.
Telephone: 91 44 5523 0000

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  1. Hi I have completed B.COM c.s .Duration of my degree is from(2007 to 2010) . but i got two arrears m sure tat i ll clear tat arrear tis novenber so if u could help me so tat i can do mba frm ur b. school ….I am going to attend the 2011 cat exam, now i am preparing for that. pls help me

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