B.Sc. Nursing Programme from The Oxford Educational Institute

Question :Give me B.Sc. Nursing Program syllabus of The Oxford Educational Institute.

Answer : Following is B.Sc. Nursing Program syllabus of The Oxford Educational Institute:

First Year:
Biological Science
(i) Anatomy & Physiology
(ii) Microbiology

Behavioural Science
(i) Psychology
(ii) Sociology

Fundamentals of Nursing
(i) Fundamentals of Nursing
(ii) First Aid
(iii) Personal Hygiene

Community Health Nursing
(i) Community Health Nursing I
(ii) Environmental Hygiene
(iii) Health Education and Communication Skills
(iv) Nutrition

Second Year:
Medical Surgical Nursing-1
(Including Pharmacology)

Medical Surgical Nursing-II

Mental Health & Psychiatric Nursing

Computer Education

Third Year:
Midwifery and Gynaecology Nursing
Community Health Nursing-II
Paediatric Nursing

Contact Details
C.A. Site No. 40, 1st Phase, J.P. Nagar,
Bangalore – 560 078, KARNATAKA,
INDIA Bangalore,India
Pincode : 560078

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