Tilak Maharashtra University Master of Science in Bio Technology

Question: Give me Tilak Maharashtra University Master of Science Bio Technology course syllabus?

Ans: You want Tilak Maharashtra University M.Sc. Biotechnology course syllabus so here it is:

Semester – I :-
Practical Course- Microbiology
Practical Course- Biochemistry

Semester II :-
Cell Biology
Molecular Biology
Practical Course-Immunology and Cell Biology
Practical Course- Molecular Biology

Semester – III :-
Genetic Engineering
Plant Biotechnology
Animal Biotechnology
Practical Course- Genetic Engineering
Practical Course- Plant and Animal Biotechnology

Semester IV :-
Bioprocess Engineering and Technology
Bioinformatics, Genomics and Proteomics
Bioenergetics and Biophysical Chemistry
Practical Course- Industrial Biotechnology
Project, Dissertation (To be started in Semester III)

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