M.Sc. in Mathematics from Tumkur University

Give me M.Sc. Mathematics course syllabus of Tumkur University.

You want M.Sc. Mathematics course syllabus of Tumkur University so here I am providing you the same:

PAPER – M 101 : ALGEBRA – I Group Theory : Normal subgroups, Quotient groups and Homomorphisms. Automorphisms. Class equation for finite groups and applications. Permutation groups. Sylow theorems and applications.

Ring Theory : Homomorphisms, Ideals, and Quotient rings. Field of quotients of integral domains. Polynomial rings over integral domains. Euclidean rings. Principal. Ideal rings. Unique Factorization Domains.

For complete feel free to download pdf file which I have attached right down here.
Tumkur University M.Sc. Maths Syllabus

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  1. 1.When is the admission starting for Msc in mathematics?
    2.what is the fees structure for it?

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