M.Sc. Applied Microbiology from Vel’s College of Science Tamil Nadu

Give syllabus of Vel’s College of Science M.Sc. Applied Microbiology course?


Following is syllabus of Vel’s College of Science M.Sc. Applied Microbiology course:

1st Semester:
11CIMM11 Microbiology
11CIMM12 Immunology
11EIMM11 Microbial Biochemistry
11EIMM12 Medical Microbiology
11PIMM11 Practical-I Gen. Micro, Immunology & Medical Microbiology
Soft Skill
Extra Disciplinary

2nd Semester:
11CIMM21 Microbial Genetics & Molecular Biology
11CIMM22 Molecular Immunology & Immunogenetics
11EIMM21 Industrial & Pharmaceutical Microbiology
11EIMM22 Immunotechnology
11PIMM21 Practical-II Molecular Biology & Immunotechnology
Soft Skill
Extra Disciplinary

3rd Semester:
11CIMM31 Clinical Immunology & Vaccinology
11CIMM32 Applied Microbiology
11EIMM31 Cell Culture & Fermentation Technology
11EIMM32 Cloning strategies and Nanomicrobiology
11PIMM31 Practical-III Vaccines technology , Fermentation Technology, Applied Microbiology & Cell Culture

4th Semester:
11RIMM41 Project- Core

Contact Details
Vel’s College of Science
Anna Salai, Nandanam, Chennai – 600 035
Tamil Nadu, India.
Phone: + 91 – 44 – 2431 5541
Fax: + 91 – 44 – 2431 5542

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