Vidushi Academy Bangalore India Foreign Language Programs in German

Give me course structure of India Foreign Language Programs in German which offer by Vidushi Academy Bangalore?

Following is course structure of India Foreign Language Programs in German which offer by Vidushi Academy Bangalore:

The alphabet and the sound system in German
Rules of Orthography and Phonetics in German
The difference between Nouns, Verbs & Adjectives
Personal pronouns in German
The concept of Conjugation
Conjugation of the English Verb “to be”
Rules of Conjugation in German
Genders in German
The definite articles Der, Die & Das (the)

The indefinite articles ein/eine (a / an)
The number system
Conjugation of weak verbs
Conjugations of “to be”, “to have” and “to like”
How to read and tell time
Prepositions of Time
The Nominative case : Subject Pronouns
The Akkusative case : Direct Object Pronouns
The Dative case : Indirect Object Pronouns
The Possessive Articles or Pronouns
Breakable verbs
Declination of Adjectives
The Perfect Tense
Constructing the Perfect Tense Structure
The auxilliary verbs “to be ” and ” to have”
The Past Participle and ways to derive it

Introduction to conjunctions such as : that, because, if
Prepositions of Time and Place
Prepositions followed by the Akkusative case
Prepositions followed by the Dative case
Prepositions followed either Akkusative or Dative case
Ways to establish the following case
Introduction to the Past tense
the verbs “to be” and “to have”

How to introduce oneself
How to ask questions

Terminology used in the learning of a language

How to ask for directions
Tourist enquiry
At the hotel
At the restaurant

Telling the time
Days of the week, Months and seasons

Talking about daily and leisure activities
How to describe things , places and people
Describing a building or a space
Describing a houeshold

Talking of the past

Train reservations
Describing Nature

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