What Is Ashridge Mission Model


Tell me what is Ashridge Mission Model?


You want to know about Ashridge mission model. So here is its information:

1. Purpose

Some organizations find the question ‘why does the company exist?’ so difficult to answer that they actively avoid debating the issue. Where a broad consensus on organizational purpose does exist, however, Campbell and Yeung believe that organizations can be categorized into three different types, namely:

Organizations whose purpose is to benefit shareholders, with strategic decisions governed largely by their potential impact on shareholder returns.

Organisations that exist to satisfy all stakeholders. Such companies tend to do what they can to be responsible towards shareholders, customers, employees and the environment, whether for altruistic reasons, or to at least be seen to be doing the right thing.

Organisations with a ‘higher ideal’. While such organisations are aware of the need to satisfy their stakeholders, their raison d’etre will focus on a higher (often moral) purpose. The Body Shop whose mission is to ‘dedicate our business to the pursuit of social and environmental change’ is a typical case in point.[1]

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