Why Distance Learning

Distance education is the way of education where instruction is supplied to students situated at distant places, by well trained study material supplemented by audio-visual aids. This way of education is also known as correspondence study or distance learning. The human spirit continuously recommends people to know more and in the advanced world distance learning courses may assist confirm that spirit. In India there has been gain in students enrolling for distance learning courses.

Distance Education Council is an administration responsible for the advancement and coordination of the Open University and distance education arrangement and for determination of its standards in India. There are 2 systems of distance education: – first the regular system, and second: – the open system. In the regular system, the eligibility essentials for registration are similar to those mandated for the normal university courses. It is inexpensive. The employment market is highly competitive and the best jobs go to persons possessing requisite qualifications. In lots of organizations, acquiring advancements depend on the possession of higher qualifications.

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