WLC Kolkata

WLC Kolkata
Wigan & Leigh College is one of the biggest further developing education institutions in India. The college has been an innovator in contributing a revolution in Professional education in India for the over a decade with campuses in Kolkata. WLCI is not just another brick and mortar institution. It is an idea, a way of being. Ever since its origin in 1996 WLCI has aimed to be the contributing professional training supplier for young people throughout India. WLCI is a prime learning institution which has founded itself among the foremost professional institutes for further education with over the 10 years of successful track record.

WLCI College offering Full time Undergraduate and Postgraduate management programmes in Business, Retail, Banking, IT, Hospital, Administration, Fashion, Advertising& graphic design, Media and Hospitality Engineering, Medicine, Bio-technology, Law, Business Management, Fashion, Media, Art and Design or Hospitality. Our reliability ensures flawless admission process and total satisfaction not only for the students but also for the partnering Universities.

Wigan & Leigh College
New #10/C, 2nd Floor
Hunger Ford Street
Kolkata -700017
Contact No. : 03340011323, 03340011326
Fax number: 03340113456

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